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D-2 Middle School Sports Training Program

Program Details:

     The Gorilla Strength and Fitness D-2 Middle School Sports Training Program prepares the young athletes for next level athleticism. In this program, athletes learn and perform more advanced sport-specific training techniques to increase strength & decrease injury. Recommended for all athletes in middle school and entering middle school. This also prepares them for our D-1 training program and high school athletics.


Athletes ages 11-14 years old


Training Details:

     Flexibility Training

     Functional Strength Training

     Fundamentals of Olympic Lifting

     Age Appropriate Plyometrics

     Weight Lifting


     Running Form/Speed Mechanics

     Core Balance


     Injury Prevention



    3 days a week

         3 strength and conditioning workouts per week are recommended

         Speed and agility workouts are also highly recommended


3 sessions per week $46.25 a week = $185 a month

2 sessions per week $41.25 a week = $165 a month

"Drop In" Rate = $20 per session

Private Sport Specific Session $50.00 per Session  

10% discount for Military, FBI, Teachers and Corporate Gym sponsors 

(Proof of ID/ Employment required)

Sport Specific Session

  $50.00 Hour

  $70.00 Hour and Half 


    Discounts available for more than one in a group

    Contact us for Team Discount Rates



D-2 Middle School Sports Training Program

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