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Vanessa Bodily


     Vanessa was born in Ogden, Utah and graduated from Fremont High School in 2009 with the all state and all conference awards in basketball and softball. She chose to play college softball in Weed, California where she graduated with her Associates Degree in Natural Science, in Spring 2011. Her pitching ERA was 2.8. She also finished with 8 home runs in 2 years.


     Vanessa received a full ride scholarship to Alderson Broadus University where she finished her softball career with a pitching ERA of 2.3 and 21 home runs in 2 years. Vanessa is also in the NCAA Hall of Fame for hitting the home run cycle her senior year. She graduated in May 2014 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Therapeutic Recreation and a minor in Recreation Leadership.  Vanessa is a certified trainer through American Sports and Fitness Association, in sport specific training.

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