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Jessica Baker

“Working with Jess on my diet, nutrition, and exercise from Philadelphia, PA has actually been so seamless, encouraging, and motivating. I am admittedly not the best at prioritizing those things, and have health issues that have caused me to gain weight from my medications as well as put me in the position to be limited in what I'm able to do, paired with being out of shape, has made it hard for me in the past to be consistent. I also am an anxious person, and Jess's style of coaching has been perfect for me: not overwhelming, encouraging, not too much/too little. She has helped me get back on the right track, start where I am with what I have, and I'm finally to the point where I don't dread exercising and I've found realistic ways to use food in a nutritious healing way. I have really enjoyed working with Jess and encourage anyone with physical health issues or anyone overwhelmed at the thought of getting back into exercise to work with her!”

– Hannah Shaffer

“I’ve been working out with Wes for almost a year now. Looking back, I wondered if I would even make it through my first session with him. He has helped me retrain my breathing, rehabbed my knee, and helped me grow in strength and confidence. Knowing I was frustrated with not having enough energy and the lack of weight loss/inches, he introduced me to Jessica to work on my nutrition. Thinking I was following a good “diet plan,” I had no idea I was not eating enough to sustain myself, let alone get me through my workouts. Jess has changed my mindset, my approach to food, and working out. I now have more energy and my workouts are better. I am better physically and mentally. I guess you could say I am Gorilla Strong!”

– Bridget Harbert


   Jessica Baker has a Master of Science in Sport Management from West Virginia University. She trained with Wes Brown as a high school student for basketball at Robert C. Byrd High School. She went on to play basketball at Davis & Elkins College while obtaining her Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science. Throughout this time at Davis & Elkins College she interned at Gorilla Strength.


    Ms. Baker has her personal training certification through the American College of Sports Medicine. She also holds certifications in Hormone and Metabolism Nutrition, Sports Nutrition, Foam Rolling, Moms in Motion, P90x, PiYo, Exercise Physiology, and Balanced Athlete.


    She opened her own business following three years as a Personal Trainer at a franchise gym. Ms. Baker runs Holistic Fitness by Jess, a remote online personal training and nutrition business. She has been successfully running this business since January 2018.


    As a high school student, Ms. Baker experienced injuries and setbacks on the court due to ill practice and lack of proper technique. After training and learning proper technique and form from Wes Brown, Ms. Baker became passionate about transferring this knowledge to others. Ms. Baker is equipped and prepared to motivate others and train them to their highest potential. She will meet you with high energy and a skill set to help you reach your best self.

Online Personal Training / Online Nutrition Package Includes:

Ongoing Nutrition Consulting – support in helping you move closer to your nutritional goals, guidance on balance and timing of nutrients, assessing how your nutritional targets are interrelating with your other goals 


  • Personalized Exercise Routines – individualized to your goals, making any injury modifications you may need, targeted areas for improvement

  • Weekly Check-Ins – monitor progress, address any changes you would like to make, address any concerns or difficulties you may be having both physically and mentally with adjusting to your healthier life

  • Six-Week Assessments – examining progress toward your goals in a time frame that allows for visible and tangible results, including body measurements. Changes on a daily basis are gradual, but a more birds-eye view at this scale allows you to see your results

  • Personal and Targeted Lifestyle Support – working to help you identify your personal, emotional, organizational, and overall goals to improve your quality of life.

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