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Our Program

 The Gorilla Strength and Fitness D-1 High School Sports Training Program is modeled after a D-1 college strength and conditioning program. All athletes are placed on training programs and cycles based on the sport specific to their particular needs. More advanced programs are offered but not recommended for those who do not want to be challenged.

Athletes Ages 14-18 Years Old

D1- High School

What Do We Offer?


  • 3 - Day Weekly Membership

  • 2 - Day Monthly Membership

  • Daily Drop-in Fee per class


Adults $15

Middle and High School $30

Elementary $15

  • Diet

  • Flexibility Training

  • Functional Strength Training - Olympic Lifting

  • Plyometrics/Explosion

  • Conditioning

  • Running Form/Speed Mechanics

  • Core/Balance

  • Agility

  • Injury Prevention

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