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     "Wes Brown has been a positive role model in my life for as long as I can remember.

     I first trained with him around the age of 12. Ever since then, Wes has turned into a great friend and mentor. When my father passed away last spring, Wes was one of the first people to reach out to me. Our relationship has continued to grow since that. Wes Brown is an unbelievable trainer but more importantly, he is a caring man. He is a great father and I hope to be the kind of man Wes Brown is when I grow up. I am truly thankful for him being in my life."


Blaine Stewart

Morgantown High School

Class of 2013

     "My name is Sam Alvaro. I am the head football coach at Notre Dame High School. Six weeks prior to our 2012 football season, Wes Brown volunteered to help with the training of my players. He was such an asset to our team. In all the years of coaching this has been the first year that I can honestly say my team was ready for the season! The boys were in the best shape yet. They were stronger and faster than I ever expected. Wes played a very big part in getting my team motivated and in shape. My sincere gratitude to him for what he has done for our team."


Sam Alvaro

Notre Dame High School

Head Football Coach

“Working with Jess on my diet, nutrition and exercise from Philadelphia, PA has actually been so seamless, encouraging and motivating. I am admittedly not the best at prioritizing those things, and have health issues that have caused me to gain weight from my medications as well as put me in the position to be limited in what I'm able to do, paired with being out of shape, has made it hard for me in the past to be consistent. I also am an anxious person, and Jess's style of coaching has been perfect for me: not overwhelming, encouraging, not too much/too little. She has helped me get back on the right track, start where I am with what I have, and I'm finally to the point where I don't dread exercising and I've found realistic ways to use food in a nutritious healing way. I have really enjoyed working with Jess and encourage anyone with physical health issues or anyone overwhelmed at the thought of getting back into exercise to work with her!”

Hannah Shaffer

     "I've noticed a huge difference in my son's overall fitness. He's able to keep up and outwork kids that are older than him. His coordination has improved to the point where he's no longer clumsy, both on and off the field.


     Thanks Wes!"


Jason McClain

“I’ve been working out with Wes for almost a year now. Looking back, I wondered if I would even make through my first session with him. He has helped me retrain my breathing, rehabbed my knee, and helped me grow in strength and confidence. Knowing I was frustrated with not having enough energy and the lack of weight loss/inches, he introduced me to Jessicca to work on my nutrition. Thinking I was following a good “diet plan,” I had no idea I was not eating enough to sustain me, let alone get me through my workouts. Jess has changed my mindset, my approach to food, and working out. I now have more energy and my workouts are better. I am better physically and mentally. I guess you could say I am Gorilla Strong!” 

Bridget Harbert

     "I can speak firsthand as to the high level of professionalism, training acumen, and dedication Wes Brown demonstrates in providing athletic training to my son Brandon. I first met Wes when I was looking for an athletic trainer to assist my son with his rehabilitation after his ACL surgery. After surgery, and during his subsequent rehab with physical therapy, I had concerns my son could risk further injury if not in peak physical condition. Wes put Brandon through a series of exercises over a course of months, each building on the previous , to strengthen not only his injured knee, but his entire body. In fact, Brandon did so well with the strength and conditioning program Wes designed for him, that his physical therapist reduced his visits from 3 days per week to 1 day per week.


     Brandon returned to football the following season to start on both offense and defense, and did not miss a play the entire season. During the off-season, Wes designed an off-season workout that included strength, speed and agility, and flexibility training in preparation for the upcoming season. That summer, in 2012, Brandon attended the NUC combine in Pittsburgh, PA as a competing freshman. Brandon performed well enough to be invited to the regional combine, and because of his performance, the national combine at the University of Oklahoma. Brandon was extremely competitive against kids of similar age from across the nation.


     As a sophomore, Brandon started as an Offensive and Defensive Lineman for the Bridgeport High School Indians, the only sophomore to start on both sides of the football. In addition, during team lifting competitions, Brandon frequently lifted more weight than all but 1 or 2 of his teammates, most of whom were juniors and seniors, 2 and 3 years his senior. Coaches frequently comment on his strength, agility, and flexibility.


     Wes instills a level of motivation, discipline, and expectations that motivates the kids to want to perform at a higher level. He reinforces this same high level of commitment to their training, preparation for their particular sport, and academics. In today’s age of kids looking for “instant gratification,” Wes motivates kids to want and expect more from themselves. The kids see, and feel, his passion for their training and development as a player and person, and it shows itself when they step out onto the field, regardless of their sport. I would not have any other trainer instruct and train my son.”


Jack R Hartz

Bridgeport High School


     “…By encouraging the people that I train with to push through and finish, to get better, to persevere. He teaches us how to be successful in school, college, careers, and as people... I earned a basketball scholarship to Davis & Elkins College.

     Wes always encouraged me, and most importantly he always believed in me.”


Jessica Baker

RCB High School

Davis & Elkins College

     "He has gotten me in shape, taught me how to push through adversity, and work hard for what is important to you.

     He has played a major role in making me who I am today, an all-state athlete, honor roll student and a caring individual.”


Scott Levine

RCB High School

West Virginia University

     "My skill level in volleyball, basketball, and softball has increased immensely due to his strength and agility training.

     This past year I was honored with the blessing of receiving the Harrison County BB&T Female Athlete of the Year Award. I have also received 1st Team All-State Honors in all three sports.”


Alicia Noble

RCB High School


     "Wes Brown is a tremendous resource for those wanting help in personal training and sport specific instruction. We, at Morgantown High School, have seen the benefits of his training first hand in our athletes who were wise enough to enlist Wes with their training. Our kids’ development increased exponentially. Whether it is strength training, speed, agility, and flexibility training, or sport specific training, our kids’ performance increased to a high level.

     With his help, we have placed numerous kids on the AAA All -State Team and many of those athletes also received scholarships to further their education at the collegiate level. Wes Brown has an immediate, positive effect on all athletes fortunate to work within his program.”


Coach Bowers

Morgantown High School

     "He has helped me to get into better shape than I have ever been. He has pushed me to the brink.”


Ben D'Annunzio

RCB High School

     "Since Wes began to train me in 2007, I have not only become a much better person physically, but he also helped shape me into a man. There is not a doubt in my mind that I wouldn’t be anywhere near as good physically now if I hadn’t trained with Wes.

     This past season I was commend numerous post season accolades including 1st Team All-State and runner-up for the Hunt award, I credit this all to Wes.”


Adam White

Morgantown High School

West Virginia University

     "This letter is a testimonial of the transformation my body has taken over the last 12 months. I decided last January 2012 to join a gym, something that I have done in previous years to try to get in shape. In 1998 I gave birth to my son, as a result I had gained almost 80lbs. I did lose some weight after my son was born, but I never was back to pre-pregnancy weight, which really wasn't slim and trim to begin with, but not nearly what I was after I had my son. Weighing 250lbs I would go up and down in weight by about 25lbs for 14 years, but could never get below that 200 mark on the scale.


     In 2009, I had a drastic career change, I decided I was going to leave my office job at the phone company and go outside to be a maintenance line(women) for the phone company, I had to get through climbing school, I had to carry an 88lb. ladder on my shoulder for 100 yards, my tool belt, boots, and climbing gear weighs about 40lbs alone. I had to have stamina. I had to be able to breathe. I couldn't weigh more than 275lbs with my tools, climbing belt, and boots on, there are weight restrictions. I really wanted that job, so through 5 weeks of climbing school, which was more like bootcamp, I was down to 210lbs and I passed my test. I started my job which was hard. I was not in top physical condition for working in the mountains of West Virginia. I was strong, and you would think I would be losing weight, but I was driving 125 miles per day to and from work, so I was eating lots of empty calories, so I was gaining weight, I was back up to 227lbs. almost too much to work safely with my gear on.


     I joined a gym, I worked out a little bit....the truth is I walked on the treadmill a little bit and thought I was working out. I kept seeing Wesley Brown working some people out, and wanted to do what they were doing. In March 2012, I got his number, set up a meeting, and started working out. I thought I was going to die doing the warm-up, however , I had never felt so motivated by a trainer. I had never been so motivated by other women working out with me. I went three and four times a week. I still hated every second of the hard work. I had never felt my entire body be tested, and honestly I wasn't going to quit, because several of the women doing the class were 10 years or better my senior and I was only 38. I'm very competitive so I wouldn't quit......a month later Wes weighed me and I had lost 12lbs. I was hooked.


     I have been going non-stop for 11 months now. I will celebrate my 1 year working out with Gorilla Sports Specific Training next month, March 2013. I am weighing in at 173lbs, I have muscles I didn't know existed, I look better now than I did 20 years ago, I feel better, and I can do my job safely and with ease.


     If you’re serious, if you’re ready to change your body, you need to go to Wesley Brown. Everyone wants to be in shape, but mostly no one is willing to do what it really takes. it's not a magic pill, or a milk shake you drink twice a day. It's working hard, its sweet, its hard work, it takes time, you don't gain weight over night. If you want to do it right, and be motivated to make your fitness goals reality, Gorilla Sports Specific Training is where you need to be."


Susan Congi

Adult Fit Club

     "Gorilla Strength training is challenging, and pushes you to your limits. During my time at Gorilla Strength, I have built endurance and confidence in my abilities to lift weights.

     After a Gorilla Strength training, your energy level increases even with your sore muscles. Strength training has allowed me to build muscle and tone muscles in trouble areas."


Danielle Gillum

North View Elementary


     "I started my journey with Wes in August 2012 when a friend suggested I just come try the class out. I could see how educated Wes was when it came to fitness and his passion for it was exuberant.

     From day 1 when just the warm-up wore me out, he has helped me to be in the best shape I've ever been. I'm still a "work in progress", but I look forward to each class!"


Melinda Mack

Adult Fit Club

     "Hello. I am Amanda Bailey and I participate in Gorilla Strength and Fitness. I used to run 5Ks and 10Ks at a comfortable pace. After training for and running my first half marathon, I managed to break my foot on mile 10. I was in a boot for 12 weeks and was miserable. During this time, I gained weight and couldn’t wait to start running again. After recovering, I began training for a marathon. I found that my legs were getting smaller and my stomach was getting larger. It made no sense to me. This is when I sought out Wesley Brown.


     He started me in a program that worked on injury prevention. This process strengthened my feet, ankles, knees, and shoulders. He made sure that I focused on form before I ever added weight. Wes taught me about burning muscle and storing fat, which I was a culprit of. He has built over 2 inches of muscle on each calf muscle and has built up my entire core.


     I am now a triathlete. I will complete an Iron Man in June of 2013. I have been training 3 to 4 days a week with Gorilla Strength class. I now am able to run 21 minute 5Ks, complete marathons, Tough Mudders, and any other event I wish. I competed in an International Triathlon in Bumpass, VA in October and excelled. My fitness level has dramatically improved. As a middle school track coach, I work out with my team. They are complaining today about being sore and how hard the workout was, yet I feel no pain. As Wes would say, “Train hard or go home.””


Amanda Bailey

Adult Fit Club

     "With the explosion in the coverage of youth, middle, and high school sports throughout the country, West Virginia as a whole has always lacked experienced, knowledgeable, and dedicated trainers to provide the necessary training, skills and opportunity to allow the local student athletes a chance to compete at the national level. The much needed facility and staff that many have wanted has been built by a man with a vision to bring attention and success to the local student athletes in North Central West Virginia.


     Gorilla Strength, in my opinion, is the pinnacle of sports training in West Virginia. Wes Brown and his staff bring experience, knowledge, and opportunity to the local student athletes of North Central West Virginia who are looking to work hard and train in order elevate their ability in playing competitive sports and realizing dreams at a chance of playing Collegiate or Professional Sports.


     Being involved with sports by playing and coaching my entire life, I am very impressed with how Wes and his staff focus on teaching proper fundamentals through advanced techniques and skills to the youngest student athletes through high school, collegiate, and even professional athletes. Wes and his staff have a great way of getting the student athletes to learn the proper techniques of injury prevention, nutrition, academic, strength, and speed skills they require to compete at the highest level.


     Wes, John, and Greg continually taught my son Brody the balance, footwork, strength, and speed along with proper run-based mechanics. The development Wes and staff teaches will enhance what Brody has learned at this young age and transition and elevate his skill level when he reaches high school and even beyond. Additionally, my other son Nick works out with the high school group along with two other teammates and other local student athletes. Due to the limited amount of time that these high school student athletes have to get noticed by college coaches, the staff instructs the high school football student athletes in the same manner but with more emphasis on strength, power, and explosion. The training is more intense, focusing on injury prevention, nutrition, advanced running, and weight lifting techniques covering the entire athletic spectrum of what a true student athlete needs in order to be prepared for training and competition at the collegiate level.


     Wes and his staff are instilling dedication, work ethic, and preparing local Student Athletes for what they will experience at the next level. More importantly, what other training facility and staff take a stance and have education requirements (GPA 2.8 NCAA Requirement) that must be met in order for the student athlete to train at Gorilla Strength? That in itself, provides a true testament that Gorilla Strength is about producing true student athletes.


     The results and achievements of the athletes that have trained under Wes and Staff speak for themselves. Based on the performance results and high standards of Gorilla Strength along with the experienced, knowledgeable, dedicated staff that I have witnessed firsthand with Brody (Youth Fitness Group) and Nick (High School Football Group) I highly recommend Gorilla Strength to all of my Fairmont youth players, West Fairmont Middle School, and Fairmont Senior High School players; as well as any local student athletes of any age, looking to best athlete in their respective sport."


Jeremiah Whitehair

Fairmont WV

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