D-3 Youth Sports Training Program

Program Details:

     The Gorilla Strength and Fitness D-3 Youth Sports Training Program introduces sport-specific training in a fun, positive, and high-success environment. This program stresses body awareness, proper running mechanics, safe strength training techniques, flexibility, and injury prevention. This program is also guaranteed to improve athleticism in all youth sports.


Athletes ages 5 - 11 years old


Training Details:

     Flexibility Training

     Functional Strength Training

          - Using body weight pushups, sit ups, and lunges

     Age Appropriate Plyometrics


     Running Form/Speed Mechanics



     Injury Prevention



     2-3 days a week

          2 strength and conditioning workouts per week are recommended

          Speed and agility workouts are also highly recommended



3 sessions per week  43.50 a week 174 a month 

2 sessions per week $37.50a week 150 a month

"Drop in" rate = $20 per session

Private Sport Specific Session $50.00 per Session  

10% discount for Military, FBI, Teachers and Corporate Gym sponsors 

(Proof of ID/ Employment required)



Tuesday and Thursday 6:00pm-7:15pm


D-3 Youth Sports Training Program

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